Hope Kids

'From the outset we wanted our children to play a key part in Hope Church. They make such a big difference, injecting a healthy dose of laughter, fun and enthusiasm into the life of the church! Hope Kids is therefore right at the heart of what we do. It's a place where our children can have a lot of fun together in a safe and secure environment, learning about Jesus and knowing his love. We work hard to make sure it's a place they look forward to every week.' 
Kate Payne, Hope Kids Co-ordinator 

Hope Kids is our weekly Sunday kids work for children aged 6 months to 11 years. It is run by enthusiastic members of Hope Church who are well trained and enjoy looking after children. We always aim to make Hope Kids as fun as possible. Every week is different from the last as we include many activities, stories and songs about Jesus.


We appreciate that parents will have a number of questions relating to our kids work. With this in mind, we hope you find the following answers helpful: 

"How do I register my child for Hope Kids?"

Please talk to the worker at the Hope Kids registration table before the start of the meeting. They will make a note of your contact details and any important information you provide us with. They will then assign your child to a suitable session, and give you a numbered token. You will need to bring the token when you collect your child at the end of the session. 

"Who will be looking after my child?"

Our volunteer staff are all committed members of Hope. They have regular DBS checks and training sessions, and choose to take care of our young people because they love kids and enjoy having fun with them.

"What kind of activities will my child be doing?"

  We provide an entertaining mix of learning activities, art, craft, stories and drama, games and singing, all designed to teach biblical truths in a fun way.

"Do you have a child protection policy?" 

Yes. The welfare of children is our highest priority. Bearing this in mind, we have gone above and beyond what the law requires in terms of child safety. You can view our Child Protection policy here.

Please click here for more information on how we cater for families at Hope.