What's Our Hope?

In one word, our hope is “Jesus”.

We believe he is alive. We believe that his victory over death changed the world and transforms lives today.
Jesus’ victory is transforming us! We have encountered the life-changing love and complete forgiveness of a generous God. We have experienced physical and emotional healing, freedom from addiction, and relationship with Jesus, our Hope.
Once we were separated from God. We had rejected him. Our lives were marked with guilt, shame and fear. But now, through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection we know forgiveness, acceptance and freedom. 
Today we live lives full of hope. Our hope depends on Jesus, not our performance. Our hope is in a future guaranteed by him. Our hope is in a God for whom no problem is too difficult and no past too dark. Life with Jesus is how life is supposed to be. Nothing is better!
Our hope is Jesus. And he is the hope of the whole world.