What groups are available?

We are building groups of all shapes and sizes that run during the week, each designed to involve every person in the vision of Hope Church.

There are three different types of group for you to sign up to using the links below:
  1. [Connect Group] - If you are new to Hope Church, we want to invite you to join this group. It provides a relaxed space to make new friends and discover the church community. Please email Sandie at connect@hopeharrogate.co.uk to join this group.
  2. [Engage Groups] - We have two new Engage Groups! These are communities proactively changing culture and revealing Jesus to the local area.
  3. [Encounter Groups] - These groups are spaces for us to get to know Jesus better, share openly and receive encouragement as we spend time together in His presence.




How long are these groups running for?

Our midweek groups run on a 5 month rolling cycle, October - February, then March-July. Groups won't meet in August with people reconnecting through September's 'Open House'.

At the end of each 5 month cycle the groups will stop with the option to sign-up to a different group in the next cycle. Of course, you may wish to sign-up again to your existing group.

Are they all held in the evening?

No. While most of the groups will meet in the evening, there is one Encounter Group (Steve & Lesley's) and both the Engage Groups that will meet on various days, sometimes in the evening but other times in the day. Our hope is that this allows those who can't make evenings to have access to a midweek group.

How do I sign-up?

Please scroll through the groups above and click 'sign-up' on the one you'd like to join.

Our heart is for you to be able to join your preferred group but we can't guarantee that just yet... we'll be administrating the groups over the next few days and will confirm your place as soon as possible.